My Mind Is Not My Friend

My mind is not my friend.

It tells me to skip my workout today, I’ve been good all week, why over exert myself? It tells me to start applying for jobs tomorrow, there’s no real urgency today. It tells me to cancel plans, I deserve some me-time. It tells me to ignore the sink full of dishes, someone else will deal with it. It tells me to slander others and engage in gossip, I’m whiter than white. It tells me I should stay in my comfort zone, change is scary.

My mind is not my friend. It’s like a cage. It protects me, but it also stops me from growing.

So I need to re-evaluate our relationship.

I need to treat my mind like a servant, I should be giving it orders, I am the master.

My mind needs to be kept on a tight leash, I let it wander too much, I let it define me.

It needs to be disciplined like a child, or else it will sabotage me.

24 thoughts on “My Mind Is Not My Friend

  1. Ah yes, our minds due tend to try and control us, when it is us at the helm in reality. I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad a thing if it’s planning and plots weren’t so bad for us. Mind over self, the battle field, who will be the victor? ❤ Kimba

      1. Hi sweetheart. I am so sorry that it took this long to respond. I’ve been carrying a very heavy and difficult load on my shoulders and haven’t been present on WP at all. Funny, the moment I decide to sign on very quickly, as quickly as I can to finally respond to some of the notifications, I came across this one. I actually needed to hear this today more than you can imagine. Timing is everything in life (one of the things). Thank you sweetheart. Sending you much love. ❤ Kimberly

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