Turn That Frown Upside Down

Open your eyes and look around,
What is it that’s got you feeling so down?
Worry? Anger? Life’s becoming a bore?
Well for the next 30 seconds just think: what am I grateful for?
My family and friends, the roof above my head,
The fact that I’m employed, have access to the internet and all of the great books I’ve read!
Clean water on tap, free healthcare, an unlimited supply of food,
The option of education, freedom of speech, the right to vote and drive, I could go on and on dude!
But you get the picture, we are a lot better off than most people in this world,
I for one can say that I’m a very privileged small town girl.
And yet it’s so easy to get caught up and only think of me, myself and I,
We should spare a thought for those out there who are barely getting by.
Let’s be more compassionate, you never know what someone is going through,
Think of the bigger picture, life’s not just about what you can do for you.
Try not to let first world problems affect your peace of mind and leave you feeling so stressed,
At the end of the day millions could only dream of being in your shoes, you’re extremely blessed.
And don’t forget it!

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