Be The Bigger Person

Life is all about the choices you make,
When stuck at a crossroads, which path will you take?
One reads “pettiness” the other spells “maturity”, it’s on you to choose,
It’s right or wrong, win or lose.
So take a step back, close your eyes,
And let me give you a piece of advice.
Do yourself a favour and swallow your pride,
Sometimes mate, you’ve just gotta let it slide.
Is it really worth exhausting your precious energy?
Draw a line under it, but don’t erase from your memory.
Become stronger and wiser, turn a negative to a positive,
You decide the outcome, it’s your prerogative.
Focus on your incline, continue to do you,
You’re the number one person you need to stay true to.
Because when you look in the mirror you should be proud of the reflection you see,
Mature, drama-free, don’t you wanna be able to say, “yup, that’s me!”
Never let insignificant things escalate, never let them worsen,
Always strive to do the right thing and be the bigger person.

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