To My Fellow Bloggers

Don’t write to be read,

Follow your heart not your head.

Always be open to inspiration,

Don’t get bogged down by frustration.

You can’t always force the words to come out,

Wait until you have something to talk about.

Patience is key with this blogging stuff,

You’ll have that light-bulb moment soon enough.

Just keep it authentic, keep it real.

Scribble down what’s on your mind, whatever you feel.

That’s how you’ll truly connect with your readers,

Those awesome people dotted around the globe, aka your cheerleaders!

And the sense of satisfaction that you’ll feel will be out of this world,

Take it from me, the Small Town Girl. 🙂 ❤

18 thoughts on “To My Fellow Bloggers

  1. Great reminder, thank you. It is easy to get stressed about writing and forget that it should be a meditative and reflective experience first and foremost…

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