Genuine Connections

The older I get the more I’m beginning to realise something: it’s damn near impossible to come across people (or even just one person) who you feel a genuine, effortless connection with right off the bat.

People who you feel you can be your authentic self around. People who are on the same wavelength as you. People who you don’t have to force a conversation with. People who you genuinely want to talk to every day. People who you don’t have to pretend to feign an interest in. People who intrigue you. People who care to hear your thoughts and opinions. People who won’t judge you or laugh when you explain what your idea of ‘fun’ is. People who you don’t feel the need to dumb yourself down/sharpen yourself up for. People who laugh at the same jokes as you. People who are impossible to have awkward silences with. People who enhance your day rather than detracting from it. People who you have things in common with. People who genuinely care without any hidden agendas. People who make you feel safe.

It’s suddenly become so hard to find such people, where are they?!

Back in the day, it never seemed like an onerous task to find like-minded people who were fun to hang out with. I can’t remember exactly how I became friends with all of my current ‘besties’ but I don’t recall there being much effort involved, it happened organically, as the best things in life do. But after entering the big bad world of full-time work, I’ve discovered that if you’re looking to expand your circle (either in a friendly way or romantically) it’s slim-pickings out there!

I used to think that I have the ability to get along with most people. And yet after meeting an eclectic bunch of new faces, the truth is that I don’t. I don’t get along with everybody. Yeah sure, I can engage in small-talk till the cows come home, I can ask all of the right questions, bust out a few witty answers and slap on a smile, but what’s missing is that genuine connection.

I just want the days of easy relationships to return, is that really too much to ask for?! I don’t think so and I refuse to give up hope. I’m inclined to believe that you stumble upon these rare gem-like people when you least expect it, or at least that’s what I’m counting on…

19 thoughts on “Genuine Connections

  1. Good friends come by way of situations. At school, in a sports team, a party, even a few hours train ride. Maintain your inner circle, flourish with them as they may have rough patches where they need you as their genuine friend to lend advice. Create new situations for yourself and you will meet genuine people to form good relationships with. It’s just in this changing time, people seem to feel more apprehensive to make genuine connections…..have a nice weekend.

    1. Great advice, I think you’re right, keeping sight of those already in your inner circle is a must. I guess sometimes all you can do is make the best of what you’ve already been blessed with and just stay open and positive that your circle will widen in the future!

  2. Great observation and perspective! And another reason why I write about, We Are All Connected. There’s a reason we are all innately seeking these easy breezy feeling, genuine connections.

  3. You’re so right, and on two levels – yes it can be hard to relate to every new person that comes into your life, but every so often those little gems come along and it just feels right 🙂

  4. Very true, hard to be yourself with someone. Everyone wears a mask & life’s all about finding those people who you can be your true self with. Hope you find happiness x

  5. I think the most profound form of respect you can have for a person is to have deep meaningful conversation with them. Just as one opens the doors of owns home for a guest, you are opening the door of your mind, your heart and soul and letting them in. I dunno people are just sealing themselves away from the world, like a house that’s boarded up thats dark and cold inside and they believe the world is like that. At least you open up through to the world using your writing,either it was a super relate able post and thanks for taking the time to putting it out there.

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