Sick Day

I’m assuming the foetal position on the front room sofa.
A small square pillow is lodged between my knees, another is pressed against my belly like a shield.
Enveloped in my floor length violet dressing gown, hood and all,
My silver laptop is positioned on the oak coffee table in front of me.
The opening credits of You’ve Got Mail are starting to play.
From the corner of my eye I can see outside, rain is pounding the next door neighbour’s car roof.
It’s grey, stormy and overcast, perfect conditions for a sick day,
Although, the words “perfect” and “sick day” don’t seem to sit well in the same sentence.
I reach for a plush blanket folded neatly by the drapes,
An untouched piece of buttered toast lies in a plate next to my laptop,
That metallic, sickly taste that we all loathe has laid claim to my tastebuds.
A 3/4 full bottle of water sits redundantly on the rug,
Even drinking this feels like a chore right now.
As Meg Ryan appears on screen, I take a quick swig of the bottle and sink back into the sofa,
Spreading the blanket and pulling it up to my chin I let out a sigh,
Things could be worse I guess,Β I could be at work right now!

18 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. aww, I am sad that you are ill. It reminds me of the many hours I spend alone, sickly too, and looking out the shutters, waiting for no one but wishing that a miracle would knock on my door and get me out of the bed.

    I watch turner classic movies but that ‘you got mail” movie is an adorable one.

    wishing you much improvement and a lovelier tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh the sick day, such a sacred thing
    But alas, when does the curse of been the reliable one, useful one, dogs body or ‘never fails’ one allow such a prize…

    When the crushing pain of depression drives the rage to fester in every word, every uttered hint of a word and the very movement of exsistance
    The sick day of huddling over the kitchen worktop with a knife in hand… Lines on the back of your arm in red… Hotel booked for two nights in the one place you consider safe…

    Sick days; the ‘never fails’ one’s nightmare

  3. I feel ya! I’ve too been sick from 3 days now. Had to take a sick leave from work and stay at home. I hope my sickness bug makes me write blog posts instead of laziness taking over me!πŸ˜—

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