To Somebody I Used To Know

A tagged photo of you came up on my Newsfeed today

You looked so different in almost every way.

Your style, your hair, even your eyes have changed

I could barely recognise you, isn’t that so strange!

Remember back in the day, how it used to be

When we told each other everything, it was just you and me.

Then suddenly life happened, we turned into strangers and that was it

We lost our special connection bit by bit.

Years have passed, but I still miss you now and then

It sucks but it always hurts when you lose a good friend.

And when I’m in that mood I want to reach out and reopen that door

But then I get a reality check: you’re not my person anymore.

We were once inseparable, but the truth is you’re no longer mine,

No bad terms, we just grew apart, and that’s fine.

But I do hope you know that I’ll always care

And if you ever really needed me, rest assured I’d be there.

Because you were once an integral part of my life and that I’ll never forget,

The good times will always overshadow the bad and so I have no regrets.

Well I guess that’s it, that’s all I really wanted to say

That and I genuinely hope that you’re doing okay.

8 thoughts on “To Somebody I Used To Know

  1. This is so good! I just…I just don’t know what to say. I’ve been in he same situation before- a friend just became a stranger. And once in a while his face pops up and I can’t not think about him and how he changed. “He’s not MY person” now. And reading this brought back his memories. But in a good way. Now I too want him to be okay.

  2. The interesting thing is that your dedication to this person might be reciprocated in his/her thoughts from time to time. Maybe one day you can sit together and reminisce about the wonders of your connection. No greater thing in life than such connections. And the great news is …. you will have more than one 😊

  3. Beautifully written!
    With the passage of time, people change and so does relationships. A person who was close to us once seems so cold now. People will come and go just like moments in life!

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