Don’t Try To Sway My Vote

I’ve got half a mind to just leave this post blank, because the title really says it all.

When it comes to politics, I feel that the saying ‘each to their own’ majorly applies. For this impromptu UK general election tomorrow, we all have our reasons for voting for whichever party we’ve opted to go with. Maybe we really believe in the frontman/woman, or maybe we’re keen on their party policies and can see them directly benefiting us.

Whatever the case may be for our party preference, that decision is solely ours to make.

People going around making it their mission to question everybody’s choices, attempting to bully them in to voting for ‘their’ party, seriously need to chill out. We’re bombarded with enough mindless campaigning and propaganda on the tv, radio and internet, please do not add to this stress-fest.

Fair enough if somebody implicitly asks you for your view, or for you to shed some light on why you’re voting the way that you are. If that’s the case, by all means bust out your bullet point list of reasons and begin your monologue. But if you know that somebody has done their research and come to their own conclusion, please LEAVE THEM ALONE. And do not sneer at them when they tell you which way they are inclined to vote. Show a bit of class.

Freedom of speech is a real thing and we’re fortunate enough to live in a democracy, so we’re all entitled to vote in any way that we choose. Bullying people in to jumping on your bandwagon is not cool, don’t do it.

And to those of you out there saying that you won’t be voting because your vote doesn’t matter, it really does. If you’re undecided, there’s still time to educate yourself. Even if you just spend half an hour tonight doing some research on your laptop, it’s worth it. So many people in developing countries would love the chance to be able to vote and have a say in the running of their country; don’t let your privilege go to waste.

And don’t let other people decide the fate of your home country. At the end of the day you’re going to have to live under whichever government is elected, so don’t you want to see the one that will benefit you the most in power? Whether they win or not, don’t you want to know that you at least did your bit and contributed? Personally I do, and that’s why I’ll be heading to my local polling station on my lunch break tomorrow.

Good luck to all my fellow Brits…I have a feeling we’ll need it! 😬

10 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Sway My Vote

  1. Well said! I know there’s more than enough of that on our side of the pond.

    That said, the events unfolding before us (especially tomorrow!) give me hope.

    I wish you all my best, and good luck! (I think both our countries need it!)

  2. It really needs to be said doesn’t it…It’s almost like some people honestly believe that berating and bullying and really harassing other people to be on their side is somehow going to make that other person go “Oh wow, I so want to be on that side…How wrong I was”lol

  3. I have voted for three political parties in my voting career, today I am voting for a fourth, who it is, is nobody’s business

    Trying to change someone’s political views is like trying to stop the tide from coming in, pointless!

  4. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    I know it is important to vote which is why I make a point of doing a bit of research then casting my vote, but to be honest I’m glad that it is over now (sort of). I was sick of getting stopped in the street and lectured at (happened several times, most recently last weekend at the gaming festival in Norwich), and I’m fed up with my Facebook feed being crammed full of party rhetoric, I JUST WANT TO LOOK AT PICTURES OF YOUR CATS! repeated nagging will not change my mind.

    1. 100% agree with you Katie, I’m glad the election is over but I feel like the politics talk won’t subside for a while yet. Here’s hoping we manage to keep our sanity! And yes to the furry animals pics haha 😛

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