Mr Unavailable

“I’m so busy”, “I’m so tired”, those are your favourite things to say,

You use them as excuses not to call or text me all day.

Weekends are for family, it’s not unusual if I don’t hear a word,

Yet I bite my tongue and say “have fun 😊”, it’s really quite absurd.

Because it’s not like me to be this patient, but I make an exception for you,

Even though all this neglect has left me feeling so deflated and blue.

It’s just that I know you’ve been through a lot, maybe that’s why I still try,

But it’s like I’m giving and getting nothing back, it’s frustrating I’m not gonna lie.

And your stresses always trump mine; Sharan’s problems are insignificant,

You really couldn’t care less these days, but it used to be so different.

To begin with you were attentive, sweet, one of the most caring guys I’d met,

You made time for me, used to remember little details, now you always seem to forget.

The naive part of me still thinks this could work, I just need you to give me some hope,

Pull your finger out, it’s not my job to nag, I don’t enjoy keeping you under a microscope.

But my rational side tells me it’s too late, you’ve shut me out and bolted the door,

I honestly have no idea what you even want from me anymore.

You avoid confrontation like the plague, all I want is for you to talk to me,

I need a partner who can communicate, guess that’s not quite your cup of tea.

I can’t even call you to sort things out because, heaven forbid, the football might be on!

But it’s like you expect me to still stick around, like there’s no chance that I’ll be gone.

You’re wrong.

I’ve told you how I feel, but at the end of the day I can’t make you care,

I can’t force you to develop feelings that aren’t actually there.

I know I deserve better, that’s it, that’s all I have to say,

I’m done being that book that you never read but keep on your shelf any way.

24 thoughts on “Mr Unavailable

  1. A snappy, evocative story in verse. Well done! And please pass this along to your protagonist… 🙂
    If that lug takes you for granted, grows lazy and innattentive
    It might be time to find a more inspired lad, with ardor more inventive…

  2. What a swine! It’s so kind of you to be so understanding of his neglect – but from what I read you are gently moving away 😊

  3. Isn’t it the truth of relationships, nowadays? You’ve portrayed the human emotions so well and captured everything with a heart, expressing such neglect. It intrigues me as to how we neglect the conversation and dilly-dally!

  4. I am seriously in LOVE with your poetry. I don’t like poetry myself. You know how it tends to be difficult to understand? The lines are different than they mean. But yours is so so AWESOME and I’m just in awe. Thank you. I’m very very glad I followed you. Just waiting to read all your work. 😄

      1. Ahhh. You don’t know how much I enjoy them. YOU are the reason I dared enough to post a poem that I wrote. 😃And I’ll be writing more of them just because after reading yours I found that writing poems was actually easy!😄 Haha thank you!💜

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