You And I

I talk too much; you’re captivated when I speak but make sure to get in your own two cents.

I can be as stubborn as a mule; you’re knowledgeable and tactful so I’m happy to learn from you.

I’m competitive; you don’t let me win just to knock me down a peg!

I’m slightly crazy; you always manage to see the method in my madness.

I have an answer for everything; you have a question for everything. 

I write…a lot; you love to read my words and inspire so many of my blog posts.

I’m a bantersaurus rex; your wit is beyond measure.

My spontaneity is borderline reckless; day or night, you’re always up for an adventure.

I purposely disagree with you sometimes because I love to debate; you stay up going back and forth with me until we fall asleep. 

I over-analyse and over-think pretty much everything; you slow my roll with your cool rationality.

I’m far from perfect; you embrace all of my flaws.

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