My Dad

Furrowed brow and hardened hands,
Tough as nails exterior, now that’s a real man.
Strong opinions, an unwavering gaze,
Abstains from laughter for days and days.
This is the way that you’ve always been,
Although a gentler side I’ve occasionally seen.
Like when you talk about your parents or the grandkids are around,
Your demeanour softens, though you don’t make a sound.
I can see it in your eyes, something melts inside,
You lose that tough exterior, your stubbornness, your pride.
For a fleeting moment you’re not so invincible,
Just an average guy, a regular individual.
And in those rare moments I feel all of your pains,
Your struggles and tribulations, your blood coursing through my veins.
You’ve taught me to be strong, to always speak my mind,
To be loyal, to persevere and to always be kind.
And while we may not say ‘I love you’, it’s clear to see,
When you make me fish finger sandwiches and I brew you masala tea.
You’re my dad, my hero, and I’m proud to say,
That even though you get on my nerves, I wouldn’t have you any other way.

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