What Goes Around Comes Around

When I was younger I strongly believed in the notion of fate. I was less ‘free will’ and more ‘everything happens for a reason’, largely because my mum’s always been very religious and also because I grew up watching nothing but Bollywood and Disney movies! However, as the years went on my perspective began to change. I started to see that a lot of the happenings in not just my life, but anybody’s life, could be completely and utterly random, with no explanation or correlation to anything else whatsoever. Fast forward a few more years and I still hold on to aspects of both of those ideologies, but as of recently I’m starting to also consider the concept of karma: the law of cause and effect.

Karma essentially promotes the teaching of what goes around comes around. Do good, reap the benefits; do bad, reap the consequences. Either way it’s all on you, the idea being that your actions will always catch up with you in some shape or form, but whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is entirely your choice (hence why I now try to think twice before doing anything too foolish!).

I guess I like the fact that karma is based on the principle of free will and the thought of being more accountable for the goings on in my life massively appeals to me. I like being in the driving seat as opposed to being a passenger in the back, that way whatever happens I only have myself to praise or blame.

Now of course nothing’s been scientifically proven and there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that we do in fact reap what we sow, it’s just a belief system. But I’m inclined to consider it because I get a kick out of expanding my mind and looking at life from a fresh perspective. Plus if that results in me doing a few more good deeds and spreading some positivity, why not?!

13 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around

    1. Fair enough, each to their own. Personally I find aspects of it to be appealing, mainly the part where we’re seen to be more accountable for our actions. But I’m less inclined to believe that our actions from past lives have the ability to affect our present, but that’s because I don’t believe in reincarnation. I like to think that you can pick and choose bits and bobs from lots of different belief systems, and not just be restricted to one :).

  1. I think one can spend alot of time thinking too hard about this, it’s about doing what feels right in your heart. Doing good things for other people surely can’t be a bad thing – but some would argue this. Just be you, do what you do, do as your heart thinks is good and live as makes you happy without hurting others. can it be that simple? 🙂

    1. I agree, just being yourself is key. But if you feel like you want to better yourself, then there’s no harm in doing a few good deeds and making others feel better in addition to yourself! Thanks for stopping by Simon :).

  2. Oh, I’m a Christian but I do believe in Karma! I’ve seen it in action, been it’s victim a couple of times (and had only myself to blame). Because I believe in freewill, but also cause and effect, I do enjoy watching Karma (just have to guard against too much Schadenfreude). There is also the aspect of not being present to witness the Karma, of just resting assured that it will catch someone, eventually. An exercise in letting go of grudges!

    1. Very true, it’s a great way to let go of grudges, believing that everyone will ultimately get what’s coming to them. And I agree with you about having seen karma in action, having also been a victim of it before!

  3. Karma is a powerful belief system. I believe if I am at the right place at the right time, things will be favorable. And many a times i can understand when there is a slippery.

    1. I think that ultimately it’s empowering to feel like you’re in control of your life; that you’re getting exactly what you deserve (good or bad). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Akhila :).

  4. I fully agree… and myself I try hard to “sow” good actions and not give up at the first “slippery” inconvenience. Life may be treacherous when things get hard and you try to keep everything under full control. Sometimes you have to give up, to let things go the way they are supposed to go… make some space for new things to happen… and be consequent: the law of “cause-effect” is powerful! Doesen’t matter if right in this life or in one of the next one… since for sure we shall come back, again and again, until we reach a higher state of consciousness. :-)claudine

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