In My Own Time

‘Time to grow up’, you say

Time to buckle down

Student-time is over, take off that YOLO crown!


Time to think ahead now

Time to make a plan

It’s time to build a career, think about mortgages, find a good man!


But what if I say no? No, not yet

But what if I don’t accept these prerequisites of yours?

What if I’m not yet ready to unlock all of those doors?


What if I want to travel instead?

What if I want to go with the flow and be foolish with my friends?

Book trips and activities and stay out on the weekends.


Am I supposed to suppress that desire and ignore my gut?

Am I supposed to just obey, just blindly follow?

Somebody get me some water then, because these orders will be hard to swallow!


Stop treating me like a carton of milk that’s ready to expire

Stop and trust that I’ll get round to it all, I just need time

I need the freedom to follow terms that are mine and only mine.


Since when did conformity become mandatory?

Since when did it become the law?

When did it become taboo to shrug your shoulders and be unsure?


I don’t accept that we should rush to get all of those boxes ticked

I don’t accept that we should have it all figured out just yet

Life’s about taking back-routes and making U-turns, forget what’s ‘correct’.


Everyone’s path is different and success is relative

Everyone progresses at a different pace

I for one don’t care what people say, I don’t care about saving face.


You think that I’m too independent, right?

You think that my life’s an uncertain mess?

Well newsflash buddy: I could not care less.


Nobody is hopeless

Nobody’s life has ever been wasted

And perfection, my friend, is beyond overrated.


So you just do you, and I’ll just do me

So you just worry about yourself, don’t try to dull my shine

I’ll make it, you can bet on that, but in my own time.

34 thoughts on “In My Own Time

  1. Love this! It is your life to live-live it. As a mother, I am so grateful I figured out that the best way to assure continued presence in my daughter’s life was to let her live it.

  2. I love this post! In our world ruled by a serious tendency to have to conform, your post is really outstanding. I can tell you it does not get better with age, and that’s great 😉 Keep it up!

  3. I can describe you after reading this post in just a few words…
    you are “Amazingly talented, fantastically creative, excellent writer and a really wonderful person!!!” 😀 (No flattery here!)

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