9 thoughts on “A Prose-Poem by Karuna Ezara Parikh

  1. It annoys me that I did not hear about Beirut until today. I think the reason why it doesn’t get covered as much though, may have less to do with racism and just because we have all come to expect violence in that region where there are no strong central governments. (Mostly because of Western meddling, in my opinion.)

    1. True, I blame media propaganda though. As you said, it’s caused us to ‘expect violence’ in the non-Western parts of the world and that’s not ok, it’s not acceptable. It’s because of the biased and streamlined news reports that we’re bombarded with every day that we’ve become desensitised to any tragedies that occur in countries like Syria, because we’re lead to see them as ‘the norm’ and as a consequence they fail to grab our attention for more than 5 seconds and become meaningless and insignificant. Whereas the second that something happens in France or Tunisia or any other Western country, everyone’s quick to update their Facebook profile pics and statuses to show their concern. And that’s fine, but as the poem says, we should pray for the entire world… Not just certain parts of it. As I’m sure you’ll agree, an innocent life lost life in Paris is just as upsetting as an innocent life lost in Beirut; the worth of human beings should not depend on their geographical location, ALL lives matter, end of story.

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