Jet-Setter, Go-Getter, Nothing Better!

A hot secluded setting dotted with palm trees and a mesmerizing ocean view from every angle, a nearby sandy beach, an all-inclusive hotel with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, hot tub and an in-hotel spa. I can imagine that a description like that would entice most people to whip out their credit cards and book a couple of weeks off work quicker than you could say Jack Robinson!

But does such a description have the same effect on me you ask? Honestly, no: it’s just not my cup of tea. I’ve tried the relaxing getaway-type holiday and I struggled immensely to get into the habit of spending an entire week sunbathing, eating, napping and repeating. I needed more.

When I go abroad I want adventure and excitement, I want hustle and bustle. And that’s why I love city-breaks!

The thrill of rushing around a new place, trying to figure out the public transport system with a ginormous map folded up in my back pocket (just in case). Stumbling upon little hidden gem restaurants tucked away down cobbled paths that one wouldn’t necessarily find on Trip Advisor. Learning short phrases in the native language, casually testing them out in public and then feeling like a boss when the locals actually seem to know what I’m on about! Pottering around quirky markets cluttered with scarves, bags and the odd busker popping out to serenade passers-by. Slipping into my heels in the evenings to go and sip on some cocktails with a skyline view of the city as my backdrop.

City breaks truly are my favourite indulgence. There’s no time to sleep because you’re constantly on the go and so when it’s time to return home you feel like you’ve accomplished so much in just a few days. Ah, I can’t wait to book my next one. 😀

22 thoughts on “Jet-Setter, Go-Getter, Nothing Better!

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’ve found it’s important to me to make sure I get at least a little sleep on those vacations of I’ll get cranky and not enjoy everything to the fullest 😉

  2. I like both types of holidays! For me the best would be a mix of both …some type to breathe and relax, as well as some time sight-seeing in the cities!

    1. A mix of both would be ideal, you’d get the crazy hustle and bustle and the relaxing down-time…ahh all this holiday talk is making me want to book something lol. Thanks for your comment Eliza 🙂

  3. It’s an amazing indulgence, isn’t it. Love exploring things on ma own, flitting roads and buildings, lazing around. Love the beautiful language in describing the whole background:)

  4. There’s no other way. That said, I think I’m finally ready to upgrade from backpacker to flashpacker, I’m kinda over roughing it. ☺

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