The Game

We’re playing a game,

We’re one in the same.

That’s what everyone does,

We’ve forgotten how to love.

Because we thrive on the chase,

Keeping up that pace.

Can you hold my attention?

Or am I beyond your comprehension?

Can you keep me on my toes?

You know how it goes.

Challenge me, disagree,

But stay classy, that’s key.

Don’t be obscene,

Keep it clean.

Keep it exciting,

Inspire my writing.

Just don’t be typical,

‘Normal’ is criminal.

Show that you care,

Be there.

Tell me something real,

Show me how you feel.

In fact let’s make a pact,

We’ll both drop the act.

We’re not made of steel,

So let’s just be real.

15 thoughts on “The Game

  1. She talked
    We walked
    A hint of a smile
    A quick glimpse of something more

    Then I admitted I was with pen
    A notepad my mistress
    Ideas my drug that consumes
    Creativity a force to reckon

    She ran!
    A poem I wrote
    Another failure
    Another attempt
    To fuel my poetic rant
    The creative thought train

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