Bish, Bash, Bosh

I love people who can make snap decisions.

People who take no longer than five minutes to decide where they want to eat and what they want to order off the menu. People who can pick one movie out of a mountainous pile of DVDs. People who can take a quick peek at their diaries and then have a holiday/weekend away booked and finalized within the hour!

None of that leaving people hanging rubbish. None of that waiting until the last possible moment to confirm whether youΒ can do something or not, or saying ‘I don’t mind, I’m easy either way’. Don’t beat around the bush. Indecisive people stress me out to the max. I’m probably just too impatient; I have a bish, bash, bosh attitude. Just give me a straight answer in a minimal amount of time and I’ll have a smile on my face. None of that ‘maybe’ stuff. Yes or no, you’re either in or you’re out: simples πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Bish, Bash, Bosh

  1. Leave people hanging and then forget about them is the worst! I agree – a straightforward approach is best.

  2. Definitely worse then a straight no: “Having a BBQ Sat,would you like to come?” “Need to check my planner” – basically, no not really, but to polite to say……You either want to spend time with me or you don’t – life to short to spend it with people you have to chase for attention

  3. Well yep. It’s true.. but I find it hard to say a direct ‘no’.. Especially to close friends. I almost always reply with a ‘maybe’ where I actually mean ‘no’. I don’t know why, but I really can’t change that habit of mine even if I want to. 😦

    1. Lol there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘maybe’ just be sure to surround yourself with a lot of patient and easy-going people…not anyone who’s like me! Thanks for stopping by Surabhi πŸ™‚

  4. i wish i was like that. some things are easier than others. choosing a chocolate, now that…! πŸ™‚

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