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Over the last few years social media has become such a paramount part of people’s lives, particularly in the case of twenty-something year olds.

I was chatting to this guy the other day, he must’ve been about 24, so not much older than me. ‘Have you got Snapchat?’ he asked. Nope. ‘Instagram?’ Nope. ‘Twitter?’ Nope. ‘Facebook?!’ Yes! But I hardly ever use it…[awkward silence]. His facial expression said it all: a mixture of shock, disappointment and disgust. It’s safe to say that was the end of that conversation! So I pulled an ‘alrighty then’ face, apologised for disappointing him and then walked away.

Is it really so bizarre to be almost 23 years old and not have a strong urge to hashtag left right and centre? #bae #tbt #wifey #turnedup #yolo. Is it bizarre not to want to upload photos of every meal that I consume? These days you’re only as good as your last selfie. But what if you’re just not that into the whole selfie game? Yeah sure, I take one every so often, but I could quite easily go a few months without taking a photo of myself. Maybe the vanity epidemic that’s consuming my entire generation hasn’t reached me yet. Maybe I’m subconsciously rebelling against the norm in an attempt to be ‘unique’. Maybe I’m just too lazy. I have no idea, all I know is that it’s not really my thing.

It’s not that they’re beyond my level of comprehension, I know exactly how all of the platforms work (I’ve tried them all out at one time or another, so I know just what I’m missing out on). And I’m more than happy to use them in a work-related environment, but when it comes to personal usage I just don’t see what the big whoop is.

If it wasn’t such an egocentric self-promotion tool, focused solely on me, myself and I, maybe I’d take more of an interest in social media. I like the fact that it allows you to connect with people so easily and to express yourself but such benefits are massively overshadowed by the vanity factor. And that’s just not my cup of tea.

My instant thought when I buy a new outfit is never, let me take a photo and upload it to Instagram. My instant thought when I get a new eyeshadow/lipstick is never, let me take a selfie and post it on my Snapchat Story. My instant thought when I’m feeling angry/hungry/hangry is never, let me update my status on Twitter. I just don’t need that validation. If I like something or something looks good to me or I feel a certain way, I don’t need anyone else to jump on my bandwagon to assure me that what I’m thinking/feeling is correct; if it’s correct to me that’s all that matters. And no amount of likes or retweets can affect that.

Just the idea of having multiple social media profiles is exhausting; WordPress is more than enough for me. I’m a self-professed old-timer-before-my-time and I’m happy to be. I’m not easily accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry out there and that’s the way I like it. I don’t know any random people’s business and they don’t know mine, it’s a nice two-way street to be on :). The people who actually know me always have the inside scoop as to what I’m up to and that’s all that I’m really bothered about. The whole thing is slightly ridiculous and tragic but such is the age that we live in I guess: the age of social media!

60 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I’m quite like you on this … I only have FB and WordPress – Instagram, Snappchat (or whatever it’s called or however it’s spelt), Instagram … in fact there’s even been some research done about the narcissist nature of selfies, and apparently this over-focusing on ourselves, caused by selfies and social media, do not stimulate the part of your brain which causes empathetic behaviour. Well, let’s hope that’s only for extreme cases!

  2. Very well said. 🙂

    I’m more of the type who’s never cared for social media. I do WordPress and discuss news on YouTube, but that’s about it. I refuse to start a Facebook page. I made a Tumblr page at the encouragement of someone I have a thing for (and I have no clue whether she has a thing for me back) and I opened up a Twitter account just so I can put something else on my business card that I have yet to print out. But I’ve never felt the urge to post anything on Twitter, except to share a couple of things I liked and thought was important.

    You know what? I’m going to share this post on Twitter. I think it’ll be my fifth post since I started on Twitter. lol

    Wait. They’re called “tweets,” right?

    1. I understand what you mean, sometimes it’s necessary to set up an account for work or business-related activity, that’s completely understandable. I think it just starts to get a bit out of hand when people use it as a vanity tool instead :/ But ah well, best to just leave them to it 😀

  3. It’s here to stay, #socialmedia that is. It’s up to us how we use it, how much we use it and how much time we make for it. My thoughts on it? Spend the time on yourself as opposed to worrying about the person #nextdoor.
    I love blogging (check my site out some time) and a little tweeting from time to time. That’ll do #4me.

  4. Great post. Sometimes I like to turn my phone off and have some “me” time as it can get so out of control!

  5. I am so on the fence when it comes to social media. I don’t really use it myself. I have a FB and an Instagram but I hardly ever actually post anything. I think so much of social media is shallow and makes bullying that much easier, but then you hear these stories of really goof things coming out social media (like long lost twins reconnecting, etc.).

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I was hoping I wasn’t the only person in their 20s who feels this way. I get all the same looks for not having social media other than Facebook (well, and WordPress).

  7. Reblogged this on Wickedness, wickedness! and commented:
    Nearly 30 years old myself but I only have wordpress and FB and have no intentions of adding more to that. I agree with you that I don’t understand the need to tweet/photo/whatever everything. Well written.

      1. You’re very welcome, your post is well done and worth the reblog. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  8. Wholeheartedly agree with you! I’m in my early twenties, and I don’t have Snapchat or Instagram; I don’t see them necessary for going about by day-to-day existence. Great post!

  9. We all have our respective accts across social media. The funny thing is the 15 minutes of fame or should I say 15 seconds. Much like a lot of things. It has it’s good and bad points. The thing is some people abuse the use of it and really need that instant gratification that comes with the touch of a like button. I’ve even have friends say to me “Did you see my post” rather than just telling me what it was about. They want me to seek it out and like it. I agree with your points. My biggest issue is now people are so disconnected. No one picks up a phone and as soon as you got out with friends. Even one is texting or posting. It’s funny. This was predicted in old twilight zone episodes. Lol.

    1. I can completely relate to everything that you said. People are too obsessed with keeping up facades of perfection and receiving approval from anyone and everyone, and social media works well to satisfy that (well temporarily any way!). It is sad when you go for a meal with friends and everyone’s either texting or looking at photos on Instagram… I try to keep my phone out of sight if I’m ever in the company of other people, I find it so brain-numbing and rude!

  10. I really related to this. I have had a standard flip phone (the ones from way back, with T-9) for years, and after much encouragement/torment, I upgraded and downloaded the “necessary” apps. It was all too much. I felt too connected. The thought of random people (that aren’t in my close friends circle) knowing where I am or what I’m doing was distressing. I think the FB messanger app was the most invasive. The messages came straight to me and everyone would know that they had been opened if I didn’t reply right away. I recently lost that phone and am now back to my old flip. Blessings in disguise?

    1. Definitely a blessing in disguise! I’ve switched off the ‘last seen’ function on my Whatsapp because it’s just too much, as crazy as it may sound to some it really is stressful when you feel like you’re ‘too’ connected.

  11. In an age where the current generation can’t even just visit the toilet without twitting, posting and take photo of themselves to brag about it
    There is a generation who discard the march of social media and turn to simpler days of conversations and the odd text, when they want to meet for a conversation!
    When I’ve dug through the layers of dust built up on my FB account, I’ll just check my mail and log off!!

  12. Oh dear! I enjoyed your post but if you feel like an old-timer at your age, I’m truly worried that what that makes me. I’ve tested my breath with a mirror a couple of times and I appear still to be alive, but I’m not making any promises that I’ll get to the end of this comment.

    Although I’m more than twice your age, I haven’t given up on social media in disgust, just in frustration. I feel like my grandmother did all those years ago when first confronted with a TV remote control. I’m useless at Twitter and Facebook. I tried taking selfies, but couldn’t get anyone to hold the camera for me.

    Er… Okay, having embarrassed myself enough, I think I’ll leave now and leave you young things to have a good time.

  13. “You must get a Faceboook”… many have said to me…and then they list the reasons and never has any one of them convinced me.
    They usually have to do with getting back in touch with high-school classmates and looking at everyone other people’s Grandchildren. I wasn’t popular in high-school, and I never post my own Grand-children’s’ photos ever…Even Walmart and my Gas company want me to like them on their Facebook Page.

    I like you Just A Small Town Girl. You have a new follower.

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