A New Year’s Post

Browsing around my Reader and looking at my fellow bloggers’ posts recently, the topics of 2014 and New Year’s Resolutions have been cropping up a lot since December 25th came and went. And why shouldn’t they? Over 7 billion of us are on the brink of saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in 2014 with much anticipation and expectation. It’s that time of year when we all feel like we have the chance to start life afresh with a clean slate, attempting to be much skinnier, more productive, more successful… generally better  people. That is of course until January 2nd rolls around and we all revert back into our old selves again (ah well, it’s the thought that counts!)

For the last few years whilst I was at University, my New Year’s resolutions were always pretty much the same. I promised myself that I’d try harder to attend all of my lectures and seminars (even the 9am ones), start essays on the days that they were set (not days before the deadline), read all  of the books included on the reading lists for every  module and become an active member of my local gym. Did any of those 4 objectives ever get fulfilled? The simple answer is no. I did however remember them in fleeting instances, on the odd occasion, so I guess that’s something! Therefore, having realised that I’m a bit flaky when it comes to this kind of thing, I won’t be making any New Year’s Resolutions this year. Instead, I’d rather reminisce about the things that I can look back on and smile about in 2013:

  1. Old friends who managed to stick with me for another year… thanks guys!
  2. My family. Particularly my cutie pie baby nephew, even though technically  he’s a product of the last half of 2012. But being around this year to see him cut his first baby teeth, take his first wobbly steps and observe a ritualistic habit of having to point to and then kiss my graduation photo every time someone asks where I am, have been some of the genuine highlights of my year.
  3. Speaking of graduation photos, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I acquired my BA degree from University this year! With a good solid pass under my belt, I finally came to the end of 3 difficult, but rewarding, years of study, which I wouldn’t take back or change for anything.
  4. I also successfully secured a few work internships after moving back home. And after what felt like 10 million job interviews, I recently managed to get a permanent, paid job in the big city, on my desired career path!

These are 4 things that I’m thankful for and proud of and which made 2013 a great year for me. And the reasons why I can end this year on a happy note.

Of course there were some low points in the last 12 months. I lost people close to me and experienced things that I probably won’t ever look back on and smile about, but like Forrest Gump’s mum said, ‘life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’. And as unappealing as it may sound sometimes, we all have to roll with the punches.

So in 2014 I’m looking to: continue to experience positivity, to grow even more as a person, to broaden my horizons and learn more, to spend time with my loved ones as well as to have lots of opportunities to meet new people who I can share my life with.

2014 bring it on, because I’m ready for you! Happy New Year everyone, from the bottom of my heart I wish that 2014 will be filled with happiness, good health and prosperity for each and every one of you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A New Year’s Post

  1. You GO, girl! Congrats on receiving your degree, imprinting on your nephew (even if it’s mainly by means of a photo), and landing your first permanent gig! I’m sure great things are ahead for you, and I look forward to reading about them as you share with us! 🙂

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