Lazy Duvet Days

Every so often, when the day-to-day chaos of life starts to get too stressful, the only solution is to have a full-on duvet day!

A day when you have absolutely NO intention of leaving the house, combing your hair or wearing anything but your most comfortable joggers and hoodie,(regardless of whether they’re spotted with a few toothpaste stains!)

Now, firstly, to begin a lazy day in the correct fashion you must pre-decide on a comfortable seating area… a large leather sofa is always an ideal choice, or if you want to keep it simple with the minimal amount of effort… just stay in your bed! Because let’s face it, you won’t be leaving this spot for most of the day, unless you can help it, so choose well!

Assortments of pillows and of course a DUVET are also necessary requirements, and if you manage to position them correctly you’ll feel like you’re in a safe and secure tight hug all day long… Just what you need on a lazy day!

It’s also vital to be armed with a tub or two of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, (preferably cookie dough flavour.) As well as a fatty take away number pre-entered into your phone, should you get the munchies at any point.

Additionally, you MUST have a selection of films ready to watch, (ideally the fluffy rom-com types, which ooze cheesy happiness and don’t require too much brain power.) The alternative option however, is that you can always settle for watching a marathon of your favourite American TV series instead. Maybe Desperate Housewives or Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill… just to give you some ideas!

Finally, it’s your choice WHO you want to spend your lazy day with. Do you want to remain in solitary conditions? Wherein you can focus completely on yourself and have a break from humanity for the day. Or, do you want to invite a friend or two round; or maybe spend the day with family members? The second option is probably the more sociable choice and will end up being more fun and interactive, but it depends entirely upon your mood.

Once you’ve completed this checklist, you’re all set and ready to start your lazy duvet day! Now if you have any more questions, please feel free to refer to Bruno Mars’s Lazy Song… Here’s the link.. <>

And that’s it folks, enjoy your day 🙂

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