An Ode To 28

Well it’s official, today marks my second lockdown birthday! My 28th year of life has definitely been one for the books; a whirlwind 12 months marked by getting engaged (yay), Covid wedding planning (yay/ugh) and of course I dare not leave out my special journey with the one and only Invisalign ūüėÄ . Being 28 … More An Ode To 28

Home Alone

So¬†my family all jetted¬†off to India yesterday. They’re away for two weeks to attend a wedding in Punjab, but sadly I couldn’t join them because I’ve reached the limit on my annual-leave allowance at work. Now I say ‘sadly’ but,¬†cards on the table,¬†I wasn’t really¬†that¬†upset¬†about it. From the second that their tickets were booked, I … More Home Alone