Almost is Never Enough

Almost is never enough.

Yes I may act tough,

But I want someone I can count on to be there,

Someone to talk to for hours, someone who cares.

I’m tired of these ‘almost relationship’ scenarios, they’re tiring,

So pointless and uninspiring.

Trying to make memories, failing and then erasing,

Yet another flop, it’s exhausting, time-wasting.

It’s like these days they all fear commitment,

They go from interested, to not so much, to indifferent.

They say that they’re busy/not ready, any excuse,

Leaving me scratching my head in the dark, confused.

Have I ever been in love? No, every situation ends too quickly for that,

25 and never been in love, what an unfortunate fact.

7 replies

  1. I do think it’s better to have never been in love at 25 than have had a string of “false” loves. Destiny is being patient with you because you are precious 😌

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