“You’re Not Like Other Girls”

“You’re not like other girls, you’re different”, he says with a twisted smile,
Hasn’t met a girl like me in a while.
But for some reason that remark gets under my skin,
You’re implying that being a “normal girl” is some kind of sin.
In an attempt to explain, you say that females are usually “clingy and narcissistic”,
Oh dear boy, is your mind really this simplistic?
A compliment for me, but an insult to my entire gender,
You said you’re a gentleman, but now all I see is a pretender.
I don’t go around saying, “all men are the same”; no two women are alike,
Putting us all in a box is just ignorant, so hit the road Jack, take a hike!
You know your mum is a female too btw, or is she the exception to the rule?
You’re digging yourself a hole now mate and yes, you look a fool.
I’m taking this the wrong way, you hate “typical” girls who look “plastic”,
Awesome Mr Misogynist, that’s good to know, fantastic!
You think that by putting down my gender I’ll swoon, why? I have no clue,
Your aggressive comments make me think you’re off your rocker, cuckoo!
Sure, I’m “different” sometimes, I’ll watch gangster movies and bust out a witty line,
But other days I’m a full on girl and you know what, that’s fine.
All your snide remarks about women are irritating not attractive,
It’s safe to say we’re done here, next time less angry young man, more charismatic.
Don’t make the mistake of tarring us all with the same judgmental brush,
I won’t take being “different” as a compliment, I’ll roll my eyes, not blush.

17 replies

  1. “Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more no more”.

    What can be said and done for there are still some narrow minded nobs lurking about. Here’s a tip for next time, ask them ‘do you think there is a clear distinction between normal and you’re not like other girls’, trick question. You’ll either save a heap of time or invest valuable effort.

  2. Great πŸ™‚ Point made here πŸ™‚ I think we as women should start feeling bit responsible towards our own gender πŸ™‚ being happy on compliments like you are not like other girls πŸ˜› isn’t cool πŸ™‚ loved it πŸ™‚

  3. This is so so true! Just a week before a boy said exactly those words😲 and how I wish I read your poem then. I would have slapped him (not literally) across his face with this on the point poem. 🌷 Well done!

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